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Doctors & Med Students
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    "When I walk into a room everybody knows my politics, and people come up to me and smile, and I'll turn around and they'll go, 'That [expletive] abortionist!' You're never comfortable in a room… Slowly but surely you become more ostracized. People who support me don't really want to be around me anyway and people who don't support me don't want to be around me."
    Wayne Goldner, Abortionist
    The Concord Monitor, September 19, 2000
    The medical community has never accepted abortion as a respectable part of mainstream medicine. ACCESS: The Key to Pro-Life Victory contains quotes from abortionists, abortion supporters and the media that reveal the grim life that awaits those who perform abortions. The stigma attached to abortion and abortionists makes life miserable for abortion providers. And, as if that wasn't enough, abortion clinics and doctors who perform abortion are facing an onslaught of medical malpractice lawsuits.

    Life Dynamics seeks to educate doctors and medical students about the nature and depth of the stigma that attaches itself to those who become abortionists. Three facts are true:

    1. One's political opinion of abortion is not the same as their personal opinion of abortionists. Even people who call themselves pro-choice still see abortionists as the scum of the earth. And this is especially true within the medical community.
    2. Being an abortionist is an absolutely miserable way to live your life.
    3. No abortionist can escape either of the two previous realities.
    The main disappointment expressed by abortion advocates is that eliminating criminal penalties for performing abortions did not erase the stigma associated with being an abortionist. No amount of advertising or public relations will convince the medical community and the general public that abortionists are anything other than society's washouts and losers. And, as one would expect, the poor medical skills and lack of ethics that drive doctors into the abortion business naturally cause higher rates of medical malpractice to be associated with those who perform abortions. This is the reason that our Abortion Malpractice Program has been so successful.

    Any medical professional that is interested in learning the truth on this subject should read Lime 5. Learn what goes on behind the scenes in America's abortion industry before you take a position on this critical issue. The documentation in this book will open your eyes regarding the extent to which women are regularly injured and killed by so-called 'safe' abortion, and the lengths to which the abortion industry will go to keep the American public from learning the truth about abortion.

    Also, our latest prolife investigation has obtained undercover tapes that show how abortion clinics put children at risk and violate the law. Abortion clinics are so greedy for profits that they will ignore laws that were designed to protect children from abuse just so they can sell more birth control products, abortion services, pregnancy tests and treatments for sexually transmitted diseases. These tapes are already used in court against Planned Parenthood and personal injury lawsuits will be forthcoming.

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