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Abortion Malpractice Services
In addition to the conventional advertising means, Life Dynamics has created a brochure specifically for women who have suffered an abortion injury and are considering legal action. This brochure has space for an attorney to include his firms stamp so that women who are interested in pursuing legal action know who to call. We send it to women who call our toll-free number seeking legal help.

It is also given out by pro-life organizations, post-abortion counseling groups, and crisis pregnancy centers across America. Often, these organizations are the first to hear about and talk with abortion injured women. Attorneys who want to represent these women need to be in constant contact with these groups.

Other Services:
  • Expert Witnesses/Consultants
  • Research and Information
  • CaseNotes: a Client Interview Guide
  • Depositions and Interrogatories
  • Abortion Animation
  • Client Education
  • Case Management
  • Co-counsel Network
  • Comprehensive Advertising Materials